God and Spirituality

God and Spirituality  ….

that is the topic we will discuss this week.

We had a day of beautiful snow on Wednesday. It started just as I was leaving Panera and our fellowship time together. I am so grateful that I could share my heart and my journey with y’all. And thank you for praying over me this week. God is so good and faithful even in hard situations.
Seeing the ground covered in white reminded me of Jesus covering our sins. It is a picture of his mercy and grace. (I feel a photo developing in my brain) ….

Pop! Here it is:

Romans 4-7-8 snow

Oh, how the message of salvation can change our lives. And our teens lives.

Learning lessons in grace and forgiveness has been at the forefront for us lately. And it is drawing us closer to the heart of Jesus.  I know it is for me and I trust in God’s timing for others.

Keep your eyes open for God at work in your family.

We don’t have reading for this week in our book. Matt Tubinis from Hope Student Ministries is going to speak to us on God and Spirituality. This is one of the areas that I circled on our questionnaire and I’m looking forward to hearing his perspective.
I have mentioned to y’all before that I am doing a read through the bible plan with an online group. I know a few of you have joined us. You can start at any point. On Monday, we start the book of Matthew. It has great timing with Easter. I am hoping that my family will join me this month. Since we don’t have any homework this week, why don’t you give it a try too?





We had an awesome discussion lead by Matt Tubinis. I have attached his notes and they are full of great points.

Matt Tubinis notes on God and Spirituality

One of my biggest take-aways for me was Matt’s own story of resisting youth group when he was a teen. And how his mother tried different strategies of encouragement. And how it takes a lot of patience for Mamas. We must wait on God’s timing while still guiding our teens and setting boundaries.

Mot collage March 2015

I know Matt’s Mom from Women’s bible study many years ago before she moved to Nashville. I only recently realized that they are related. I posted the photo to Facebook and added a comment to her that read:

Melissa Schultz Fagan:  Shawne Sills, We were so encouraged by your son. He shared his teen attitudes and your Motherly actions which apply to us in our current season. And how amazing to hear where he and his brother are in their walks with the Lord in their post-teen years.

Shawne Sills:  Melissa Schultz Fagan thank you so much for sharing this with me. I am so very proud of the Godly men and leaders they have become.

What an encouragement as we raise out teens. Trusting God. Walking in Faith.




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