Moms of Teens: Hovering over the Home

{Blog post for Hope Moms of Teens.  We are currently reading by Karen Ehman}

This week’s chapter is “Hovering over the Home”! Somehow I injured my back last week while hovering so I have been taking it easy.  I enjoyed reading chapter 6 in Let.It.Go. (except for the family exercise… reading is so much easier than practicing…I may blog share that story later. see comment below).

Part way through, Karen Ehman asks us to read about the woman in Proverbs 31. Even if you aren’t up to speed on our reading or you are on spring break consider meditating on this portion of scripture. If you don’t have a bible handy, you can look it up on the internet.

On the computer, my go to site is

On my phone, I use the app: YouVersion Holy Bible

Verses 10-31describe the woman. I have chosen verses 26-28 for our screensaver. This is the concept we are trying to embrace in Chapter 6. To have kindness in my household that begins with me (God in me) and have the members of the house call me blessed! It’s a goal, alright!!

I created two choices for our screensaver. I took 2, slightly posed photos from my household and added bright colors on this dreary sky day.

p31This pic is in my laundry room (and at that moment, most of the clothes were clean and put away. At least from the perspective of that room … no inspection of the kid’s rooms required when you are NOT hovering)

 Prov 31-26-28 orange

This is a slice of my kitchen counter…the clean, colorful, healthy, dinner-organized and posted to the chalk board part. Okay…maybe I got the chalk out after I decided to take a pic… but we did have steak cause it was Sunday. Routines make planning easier for us.


Abby Hamilton, the Hope Moms groups leader, will sit in with us on Wednesday. She is going to tell us about an optional service project the Moms at Hope are participating in. I will add more details at the end of the week.

Many private schools are on Spring Break this week. I hope you are enjoying the break. We will be meeting. Next week is public school spring break and we will not meet.

Please join me prayer for our Hope Student Ministries spring break trips. I saw Darrin and Jane Hillis’ smiling faces on Instagram this morning as they headed to Gatlinburg with our youth. I am so grateful for all the opportunities HSM provides for our teens.
I  love that they mentioned their focus verses: Proverbs 3:5-6. We can pray that specifically.

This was my first memory scripture and it was and is a challenge for me to “lean not on your own understanding.”

And I’m pretty sure our teens are challenged by that as well since generally they “know everything”. 🙂


xo, Melissa

One thought on “Moms of Teens: Hovering over the Home

  1. We had another family meeting after this original post and the family is not so excited about me blogging about THEM. They did not rise up and call me blessed! So we have agreed that some things will be kept private and some things will be shared in class but not on the internet. I am learning. I love to share but I truly need to be aware of confidentiality as well. I pray that not only will I open my mouth with wisdom but blogging would be wise as well.


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