my story: Kristin Funston

A very honest account of how important Moms groups can be in our lives. Check out Kristin’s story:

[ M O M S at H O P E ]

one of the things i love are stories.  stories of how people became who they are; of how life tried to knocked them down or how plans drastically changed (for the seemingly worse).  i love hearing how the beautiful mess of plans and expectations and trials ultimately shape (and better) people.  & i really love seeing how God uses the chaos and pain and loss to lead us to our destiny.  it really is an incredible thing.

one of the things that will be woven throughout this blog are those stories.   stories of people whose lives were changed.  people who experienced great pain or loss or chaos and can now say all of that mess, all of that pain has led them somewhere (maybe unexpected) but ultimately somewhere beautiful and free and full of purpose.

So, first up is Kristin Funston.


In June 2009, I became a mom.

I was…

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