Soul Control and the Fruit of the Spirit

{Moms of Teens reading Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman  Chapter 9: Soul Control}Galatians 5 22-23 fruit of the spirit screensaver

Yesterday, I created our weekly screensaver. I was having a nostalgic day as I prepared for my daughter’s birthday and created a graduation announcement for my son.

I chose the memory verses from the beginning of Chapter 9. (confession: I hadn’t read the chapter yet). It was also the verse of the day on my phone bible app. These verses always reminds me of Katie because she memorized it in Sunday school at a young age. She would recite the fruit in the car on the way home. I always hear them in her Kindergartner voice. The word fruit brought to mind this scrapbook page. I pulled out the baby scrapbook and had a teary morning of reminiscing. But truly I remembered our challenge from last week and focused on being Joyful, Thankful and Prayerful. And I realized that creating the screensaver is a form of worship and prayer. When I create I am focusing on applying His Word to my everyday life. Yesterday, the words fruit and joy resonated with me.

How did your Joyful~Praying~Thankful Challenge go?
I was joyful and thankful and prayerful during a busy weekend that did not include “quiet time”.  And I totally failed at the social media fast! In fact, I realized that sharing my joy in the form of Prom pictures and seeing others joy on facebook was something to be thankful for. However, I still feel God prompting me to not let it get in the way of living life and spending quiet time with Him. I declared a morning Facebook fast to our Moms of Teens page and it really did hold me accountable.

What’s getting in your way today?

Today, the word in this verse that spoke to me was SELF-CONTROL ! Possibly because I read Chapter 9. I love the idea of what Renee Swope calls “bossing my heart around”. In this chapter, and in the video (which I will play for y’all tomorrow) Karen talks about the fine art of soul control that we can learn from David. I need that! And this morning, I had just a little bit more of a Godly perspective and I resisted reacting to selfish feelings and guilt trips. I posted this on Facebook:

Happy Birthday, to my sweet baby girl! 15! Feeling joyful even though things are changing. (And change isn’t my favorite).
2 birthday examples: Katie likes to bake and I shared a Pinterest cake idea with her at Valentines Day … And she made it for her own birthday! Not tradition, not what I think “perfect” Moms do, but perfectly wonderful.
Ex 2: we usually have a sweet breakfast (pancakes or Dad gets donuts) with a candle in it and a photo op for the scrapbook. This year Jack planned to take her to Chic-fil-a on the way to school. So perfect for the one year they are in the same school. So I am choosing joy in the sibling love and rejecting any feelings of “this is the last chance before he moves out” or “I’m not invited”. I am exerting soul control. … And snapping a pic on their way out. ‪#‎momsofteens‬

Katie cake 15            Katie birthday out the door

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