Keeping my eye on the Attitude Indicator … Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

I will say of the LORD, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God, in whom I trust. Psalm 91:2

Living the Relinquished Life  

(The final chapter in Let.It.Go by Karen Ehman ~ discussed in Hope Moms of Teens.)

Watch Session 6 Video clip: Fixing Our Eyes on the Attitude Indicator

(it is not the entire session that we watched in class. For the airplane references, see the notes below. For the Joseph references you can read his story in Genesis.)

Wow, that story of her little girl’s drawing of her makes me choke up everytime! AnKatie's K artworkd the truth that God loves us just as we are is a reminder that we all need. Including and maybe especially our teenagers.

{tangent… Karen’s story reminded me of a picture my daughter made of me a long time ago in Ms. Berry’s class. My dining room table happens to be covered in kids’ school scrapbooks stuff as I attempt to finish Jack’s book before graduation…I flipped to Katie’s Kindergarten page which has a photo of her artwork. The queen in the top left is ME! Yep, in a 5 year old’s eyes, I am wearing a crown! Perhaps as a teen she would say I am the cat in the hat, or maybe a bug, or a clown or Elvis.}

But thank goodness God doesn’t see us as the world does.

As a Navy Pilot’s wife, all the aeronautical and nautical examples really spoke to me. The terminology is so familiar but the analogy is something new. And looking at things from a different angle helps it to sink in.. at least for me. I have a new vision of my attitude indicator, my compass and my chart!  God, The Bible and the Holy Spirit! In fact, I am going to dig up the attitude indicator clock I bought for my hubby many moons ago. I may put it up as an attitude reminder!

attitude indicator clock

 Fixing Our Eyes on the Attitude Indicator ~ Karen Ehman Video Notes :

  • There are 2 ways to fly an airplane:
  1. Visual Flight Rules (VFR) = flying by sight in clear, daytime conditions
  2. Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR) = flying by instruments bc sight is limited (dark, clouds etc.)
  • The attitude indicator ~ the artificial horizon ~ during IFR a pilot needs to keep their eyes fixed on it or they can become disoriented by their feelings. Worse case consequence:  CFIT: Controlled Flight into Terrain
  • In the Old Testament, Joseph was a man who kept his attitude in check even when life grew dark.   Joseph’s attitude can be summed up in these two phrases: DON’T BE GOD. DO BE NICE.
  • An old nautical proverb st2 Cor 5:7 wall tileates “Enslave yourself to the chart and the compass and gain the freedom of the seas. The rest must sail close to the shore.” We too have a chart and compass. The chart is God’s Word. The compass is the Holy Spirit.
  • In our spiritual life, we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthains 5:7)
  • Trying to be in control of everything is not a godly pursuit. When we do it, we aren’t trying to be godly, we are trying to be God! That is what got Satan kicked out of heaven.
  • Whatever challenge you are facing now where you are tempted to step in and control things, remember this truth: God is not worried.
  • In order to get a grip in life, you have to let go.

Video related questions:

  1. When we try to “fly” in life based upon sight, what type of indicators do we watch for? How about our teens? (ex. Approval of others)
  2. Why is it hard for us to walk in faith when we can’t see the entire picture?
  3. How is it spiritually true that if we enslave ourselves to the “chart” (the Bible) and “compass” (Holy Spirit), we gain the freedom of the seas and not have to sail close to the shore?

On pages 207-212, Karen sums up the 2 powerful lessons she learned in the process of letting go and living the relinquished life:

  1. Trying to be in control isn’t a Godly goal (we are really trying to BE God)
  2. What matters most is not getting my way, what matters is God and people. The decision grid: In light of eternity, is this really important?

Psalm 91-2 in chalk

Wrap up questions:

Before this study, on a scale of 1-5, where do you rank yourself when it comes to how often you trusted God rather than trying to control? Has this number changed at all?

What is one aspect of this study that really spoke to you?

When we let go and “let God,” we find our faith. Will you try it? Will you trust God? Will you stop running the show and start walking in faith? Will you decide to LET.IT.GO?

For these last few questions, please leave your answer in a comment below. I will start it:  

edit… I think you have to “like it” first and then it gives you an option to comment….learned something new in my blogging adventure 🙂


One thought on “Keeping my eye on the Attitude Indicator … Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

  1. My original control-freak # was 3.5 but my family thought it was much higher. I believe that by reading this book, especially as a group with chapter by chapter discussions, I have lowered my number a bit. Most importantly, I am more aware of my behavior and can more often choose to pause before I act or react. And it has given my family a tool for identifying this issue and communicating it with humor. At dinner this week, I was micromanaging my son’s timing of some paperwork and my daughter held up her hand. To an outsider, it would have looked like the first half of a high five….but NO! It was her non-verbal message that, in her estimation, I was operating at a full 5 on the control-freak scale! And, in this case, when I paused, I smiled and agreed. And I Let. It. Go !


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