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I have been missing y’all. I am using this post as a central reference for our group. Most of this has been posted to our Facebook group but I want to keep y’all in the loop.

First of all, my heart is heavy today with the recent news of teen deaths. I know it has personally touched Karen Clark and Shelly Cheng as they knew the victims in the car crash. Both of you, and of course the families and students have been on my mind today. Cheryl Goodwin shared the post below and I thought it was really good. And he touches on some of the exact things we have been talking about in Moms of Teens this year.

Joey Sulipeck FOX13 Memphis
We’re waking up this morning to heartbreaking news.

Three mid-south kids lost their lives.

We live in a world where we tragically lose loved ones every day. But after enough time, and enough bad news, it’s human nature to get calloused. It’s how we protect ourselves … we toughen our hearts. It helps us deal with bad news.

But it also makes us lose part of ourselves.

We’re reminded of that when we’re struck in the face with losses like these.

Young people – bright, promising young people – on the cusp of just starting their lives.

The future wide open.

The possibilities endless.

And they’re gone in the blink of an eye.

Rachel Lynch and Maddie Kruse. Both 17 years old.

Frank Gaines Whitington, Jr. 18 years old.

As a parent, my heart breaks for their parents. I mourn with their families and their friends. I ache for their loss, and the years ahead of them.

I don’t want to waste words here. I don’t want to repeat the things you’ll likely hear over the next few days.

Let me just remind you all to remember that our kids are only given to us for a short period of time until they’re out the door … to school…to jobs….or sometimes to Glory.

Remember that the next time they act like kids. The next time they make you crazy. The next time you’re so frustrated that you don’t know what to say or do.

It’s just a suggestion, but next time you’re searching for an answer to something they’ve done that defies logic and sanity?

Go against your human nature.

That space you’d normally fill with an angry rant or admonition?

Fill it with a bone-crushing hug. Squeeze them so hard they can feel your love in their soul. Let them know, however your love-language speaks. Let them hear it.

And treasure those moments together.

My original comment from yesterday was:

Moms, My heart has been heavy with this information. Both of my kids left on trips this morning and are on the road as I type. I had to pray hard to keep my prayers from turning to anxiety and fear for them. This memory verse from the spring came to mind. Trusting God and praying for the grieving family and friends.


I am so grateful for scripture and how God uses it in my life.

For things going on at Hope that I think you might be interested in:
Judy and Marla are kicking off the June Bible study at Hope Church this Wednesday at 9:30 in Room 238. Enter Hope Church in the South Hall foyer. Room 238 is at the top of the stairs closest to the Chapel. There are two rooms tucked into a corner up there, and 238 is to the left. Just outside the room is a small vestibule with a small table where we will provide light refreshments.   The beauty of this study is you can attend 1, 2 or all 3 video sessions knowing God will reveal something to you! “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones” ~Proverbs 14:30.  For all of us who struggle, this video series is a awesome first step….No homework. No book purchase. Friends & flip-flops are welcome.

I would like to go to Panera afterward to visit. Let me know if you would like to join me.

This is a great opportunity to volunteer with your teens. It was one of my highlights from last summer. This year Katie and I are doing Kindergarten bible story lessons.

Are you ready for an incredible journey? “Everest” VBS is a week away and we couldn’t be more excited!! Come and be a part of something awesome June 8-12 from 9:00 am-12:30 pm as we explore “Everest” with the help of our awesome Bible Buddies! This summer we’ll learn how to conquer life’s challenges with God’s mighty power. VBS is free and open to kids 4-years old through entering 5th grade and Special Kids & Adults with any disability. VBS at Hope is something your kids won’t want to miss as they create life-long memories. Invite every kid you know and register them now online at    Early online registration ends Wednesday, June 3.


Separately I have also signed up for the Lifeway Seamless online summer study. I bought the book and also bought Seamless for Teen Girls. Hopefully Katie  will do it with me.  If you want to do it as well, we can participate online together. It works great for summer schedules.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.14.21 PM

Here is the description and details from Lifeway:

We’re excited to be offering Seamless as an online Bible study this summer! Angie Smith covers the entire Bible and the way Jesus is stitched in to every story, from Genesis to Revelation. This is a great study for both new believers and those who have been in Sunday school their entire lives to understand the Bible as one complete story.

The study is 7 weeks long and we will begin June 18 and end July 30 (the posts will stay up after that time, though!). Each week, we will have a blog post with a video message from Angie unique to the online Bible study and a few questions for you to answer in the comments. We believe strongly in learning and growing in community, so we hope you’ll invite a few local friends and neighbors to join in this study with you. We also understand that isn’t always possible, so we hope you will develop community with others here on the blog. We have loved seeing the interactions between our online Bible study participants in past studies.

Here’s how the online study will work:

Purchase a copy of the Seamless Bible Study Book at your local LifeWay store or online or get an ebook version.
Return to the Lifeway blog each week to watch a video of Angie talking about the chapter and sharing additional stories and insights.
Participate by answering questions in the comments of this blog.
This Bible study also has an additional video component. The Seamless study features videos for each week, around 12-15 minutes each. These videos are available as individual downloads here. It is not necessary to watch these videos to participate in the online Bible study. We recommend them if you want to learn more about Angie and dive deeper into what you’re learning.

Seamless is also available for teen girls. We recommend it for grades 8-12, and we think it would be great for teens to do alongside their moms, aunts, sisters, friends. The teen study varies from the adult study, but they run parallel. Girls doing the Seamless teen version are welcome to participate in our online study, too!

To sign up for the study, fill out the form on the website:



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