Proverbs by the sea

I am at the beach with my husband and 2 teenagers. The beach always makes me reflective. But this year I brought my bible as I am reading the bible 1 chapter per weekday. This week we are reading Proverbs Chapters 11-15

Good morning sunshine ☀. Enjoying quiet time. My bible chapter for today is Proverbs 11. And it has so many verses that resonate with me. I just had to combine my love of photos with it.  Pride is the root of a lot of my sin.


Here is one from a verse that has stuck with me Fridays reading. The Supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage has seemed to stir up a lot of negativity. Regardless of beliefs, God calls us to Love One Another.


Today’s Good Morning Girl’s chapter is Proverbs 12. Verse 4 stood out to me. I added it to this photo, not because I think I have noble character but I do think it is a great goal. And I am trying to apply the bible to my present life. I am so far from being a perfect wife but as I look at this photo I am reminded that both riding bikes and being a Memphis Grizzlies fan were things I agreed to because it is my husband’s interest and I want to spend time with him. And once I decided to participate, I experienced joy. ‪#‎goodmorninggirls‬image


Yesterday was Proverbs 13. I underlined several verses but v1 kept coming back up. I try not to apply things to others but to my own heart. This verse speaks of a father and son. Of which I am neither. However, I am a Mom that desires for her teens to heed Her advice. But perhaps it is my husband’s role. I shouldn’t try to be THE parent and have the last word. I realize that my husband has always been quick to discpline and instruct the kids and end any mocking. I appreciate him. Verse 24 says: one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

Lord, I pray that my actions and attitudes will build up my house. That we would not have a foundation in the sand. Thank you that you are my firm foundation. (But I love the beauty of the beach, thanks for your creation, I’ll just be careful not to build my house there on the sand.)



I created the scripture photo (with a photo from yesterday) and posted it to Facebook. As I did, the next photo was my view. And I realized I had some envy going on! I envied my peaceful, young daughter (or perhaps it was the mirror of my own younger self), I envied yesterday when she kept her chair next to mine and we both read our books. I was also wishing that my son was hanging out with us and not in the house on his laptop.  It’s amazing how hard it is to be content! Even in my happy place when  life is all good. I can tend to dwell in the past or jump to the future. …


I prayed for a change in attitude. … cause who wants rotten bones! 🙂

I took a deep breath of grace and let contentment settle into my bones.

And the next thing I know, my son walks right past me stirring up sand and heads down near the water and behind his sister’s chair. I watch to see what mischief he is up to and I hold my tongue. (and got out my camera). He surprises her and she jumped up to chase him into the waves. Their joy was contagious. I snapped some pictures to capture the moment (okay I snap pictures at everything but this was a precious moment…. Do you remember Precious Moments statues from the 80’s? Well, I  wasn’t going to carve a statue or anything (besides I thought those collections were kinda of creepy in their uniform cuteness) but I did want to capture the moment. To see joy in our teens, especially with their siblings is special. And I wasn’t even jealous that I was a bystander. (bysitter?  bylounger?)



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