This morning I was excited to wake up to the First 5 app alarm and go straight into God’s Word. It is a great new app that Proverbs 31 Ministries launched on Monday.  (okay now it should read Monday August 27th because I never posted this)

For more information, check it out:

In theory, I would love to give the first 5 minutes of my day (or more) to God. In practice, I usually don’t! So I started this week very hopeful that the app would help. Day 1, technical difficulties…but imageI was so determined I actually got out of bed and read some proverbs on my own…after I made coffee. Today, I opened the app and began the devotional in the Book of John.  I love a quick devotional and it is also awesome that they offer more in depth reading of the bible if you have time first thing or you can go back to it later.  Which I must admit, my days get busy and I don’t always make reading the Word a priority.

This theme of staying in the Word (not just because it is a good-churchy-thing but because it is transforming) was brought to my attention a little later and prompted me to write about it here.

I was on Facebook (hey, don’t judge, I didn’t click the app first today…:-)) And I read a post with a question that got me thinking:

Facebook post July 28, 2015
Nicki Koziarz
Hi friends! Sorry this page and my blog have been a little quite lately. Proverbs 31 Ministries just wrapped up our big She Speaks conference last week and this week I’m knee-deep in the final stages of writing my book [which I just can’t wait for you to have in your hands!]
I promise all the fun stuff like Two Minute Tuesday, and graphics will be back up soon. smile emoticon
But today, can you help me with something?
I’m writing about refinement and I’m wondering … what is the hardest thing you have been through? What did God teach you during that time? Was there a verse or quote that pulled you through?
You can share as much or as little as you want but I’d LOVE to be inspired by your stories in the comment section here.

Reading this challenge, I immediately thought of a day during our move to Virginia. And I remembered that I had written an email to a mentor and also copied it to a friend that I knew had dealt with moving as a fellow Navy wife. I detailed my distress and my relief. (And being the email hoarder that I am, I found the old email and used it in a comment to Nicki’s question.)

email messages July 25, 2011

I am in a hotel waiting to move into the new house. I have been the parent in control all week and have held it together. Yesterday I was alone and felt pain. Headache, stomach ache etc. I just started crying. I knew it was stress. I surrendered to God. And I remembered your hug and your reminder imageof my word…remain. I recalled John 15 from memory. And I had a clear picture of my pain … Pruning. I can almost name the spots that are being pruned. And they hurt. But it was easier to get on with my day. This morning Katie woke up sad and I got out my handy iPhone bible and we read all of John 15.
Remaining and loving one another even when our pruning is raw.

reply:  Oh melissa, I’m so thankful gods word touched your pain. I’ve been in a hotel with similiar feelings. I am praying for you with a heart of love and understanding.

reply: Thank you for sharing that you are suffering. I am sorry. I don’t know what this “pruning” is that you are going through, but if you need to share your burden (Galatians 6:2), I am here for you as a servant.

Find rest O my soul in God alone. My hope comes from Him. Psalm 62:5.

Remain was the word I felt God put on my heart that year. Not to remain in Memphis (which I really wanted to do) but to


In His Word, the bible. And that is what the new app is helping me to come back to in a more techie way. image

Two other lessons that I recognize as I write this blog:

  1. Sharing our journey with other sisters in Christ  (even if it is an quick honest email   or, hey, maybe even a blog :-)) is one way God calls us to love one another.
  2. Memorizing scripture is an amazing way to allow God to transform your heart. I have several verses in my memory bank. John 15 is the only chapter I have memorized. I did it verse by verse with accountability in my Titus 2 Group 11 years ago … when I was a younger Titus 2 woman. God used this Chapter to comfort me in that hotel room. And He is using it today to remind me to Remain in the Word.image
  3. Now that I posted this picture I thought of a third …   I’ll quickly share then I promise I’ll close   … I forgot that on the metal ring with John 15 verses that I was given by the “older” women, I added laminated photos of the members of my group. And I began praying for them. Our hearts became connected by loving each other in prayer. And encouraging each other to REMAIN. (okay… and meeting together for dinner).

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