No longer an unglued skier

I am currently on a car trip to West Virginia and typing on my phone. We are headed to Snowshoe mountain with my husband’s family. This is our 5th family ski trip. (this one may only be a hiking trip if the weather doesn’t get colder 😉

I am reminded of the fears associated with the 1st trip.
As the trip drew closer, I became more and more anxious. One evening I broke down in tears at the dinner table. My family was simply talking about their excitement for the trip and details about the slopes.

When they noticed my tears, they started to try to figure me out. {good luck} Are you afraid of the lift heights? NO!  Are you afraid you will get hurt?  NO!!!!

The truth was that I didn’t know why I was feeling panicky and I came UNGLUED!! In a nasty tantrum. And their attempt to fix me caused me to lash out at those dearest to me.

I retreated upstairs saying I had to go to the bathroom (which is often the case when I am anxious … sorry if that is TMI … Just trying to get real here.)

I cried out to the Lord. I laid down on our bed and got out my nightstand journal (which isn’t a gratitude journal but a despair journal that I am so grateful for).
As I worked through my emotions and prayed that God would ‘reveal and heal’ …

A scary prayer but worth it.

God revealed the root of my fear:

*not being good enough

* being abandoned by my family.

Old wounds. Yep… Oldies but goodies.

But once they are revealed, God is faithful to heal my wounds once again.

God reminded me:

He is sufficient.

He will never abandon me.
… And my fear was lifted. My attitude adjusted.
And my family witnessed the transformation.

{And we had a great vacation. And a beautiful sunrise on the way home}


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