Moms of Teens Winter/Spring Kickoff

We will begin meeting again THIS Wednesday (as in less than 2 days from now!!!)   11:45-12:45 in room 302. This first week will be an introduction, a review of the calendar, and a time of getting to know any new people. Feel free to invite someone new. And if you are new and getting this post, you will feel right at home. We are not cliquey! But we are tight if that makes sense. If you ever feel overlooked or like you need more background on a topic, just ask. And if you have come in the past but we haven’t seen you in a while, no worries, no guilt, just come, you are welcome back at anytime.

Hope Women’s Ministry has so much to offer.  Angie and I have gotten some questions and feedback from some of you as to what is what. It can be confusing. I will try to make it understandable.

First of all, if you are just getting started and are only up for our 1 hour meeting….great!

Moms at Hope {am}

Moms of Teens is under the umbrella of Moms at Hope {am}. Moms at Hope has groups for Moms with kids of all ages. ex. First Time Moms (those are the ones with the cutie patootie babies that I love to get my hands on) 2014 Moms, 2013 Moms etc. Moms of Elementary. All of these groups meet on Wed. mornings from 9:30-11:30 because that is when childcare is provided. There semester is also shorter than ours because of childcare costs.

At the beginning of the semester, Moms at Hope {am} has a kickoff event. We are invited to that event. It is THIS week.  The topic is: Embracing Weakness. “The end of your strength, is the beginning of His.”
I am looking forward to the worship, food, teaching and a panel of moms from different stages of parenting sharing how they are experiencing His strength. Our very own Angie Coleman will be part of the panel!  I would love it if you would make an effort to come and support her. (and say a prayer for her as this is out of her comfort zone).

If you have been to the kickoff before, it was in the chapel so please note: NEW location: we will be meeting upstairs in the Hope 4 Kids bldg. Come in entrance 3 and there will be moms to direct you.


Moms at Hope {pm}

The {PM} group meets in conjunction with Wednesdays at Hope.
Optional Dinner at 5pm, Class/Group Meeting at 6:30pm
Room 230 at Hope. It is for Moms with all different age kids including teens.   This year Wednesdays at Hope will be Jan 13-Feb 17. The topic is “It’s Complicated” and it will be facilitated by 2 counselors.

Bible Study

Bible Study is under the Women’s Ministry umbrella but separate from Moms groups. All women are invited to join a bible study, including Moms! In fact, one of the reasons we meet at 11:45 is so Moms will have the option to attend a bible study in addition to Moms of Teens. Bible Studies are offered on Wed mornings at 9:30 and Monday nights at 6:30. There are several studies offered every semester.

The Hope website has the details and sign-up info (and cool videos this time) :

Hope Bible Studies

The Wed morning study will begin NEXT week.

Okie dokie…I hope that helps and you can do as much or as little of it as you feel called to.

MOMS OF TEENS Reminders:

You will need to order your book. They are not a stock book at our Lifeway stores but are available for discount prices on Amazon and other online retailers. Easy links are available on the 5 Love languages website: (yep, they have their own website)


5 Love Languages website


Here is our calendar:


Lastly, (and I am running out of time to myself…so this is quick), I last wrote to you about my fears with our first family ski trip. Well, this time, I didn’t ski ….BUT it wasn’t out of fear!!! It was a choice. The slopes were only open our very last day AND it was really cold AND my ski pants were really tight!! So my sister in law and I decided to “Let it go” and Let the teens go (after a few photos). It was a Happy New Year. Hope yours was as well. See you on Wednesday!




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