Speaking my birthday language

…. cause I know you want to speak my language on my birthday, right??!

The past few weeks I have been reading the 5 Love Languages of Teenagers by Gary Chapman. It has me thinking about the ways we give and receive love. The book defines the languages as: Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Words of Affirmation. They all sound good to me ūüėČ ¬†But some really fill my love tank up more than others.

Words of Affirmation comes first for me, then¬†Acts of Service and Quality Time. I like physical touch and gifts but they don’t resonate with my heart to the same level.

So as I reflect on some of the extra special moments of this 49th birthday, I realize it is in sync with my language. And some of the littlest things mean the most.

  1. My husband waiting patiently with the car running in the driveway while I painted my nails blue for the Grizzlies basketball game. Cause you know, they can dry while we drive downtown but I need to paint in a still car with my belt already fastened! My Long-suffering husband usually likes to be at the game in his seat before tipoff. For me today, he said the 4th quarter would even be fine.
  2. Katie making me strawberry cupcakes yesterday so they would be ready for breakfast time today. I love cake and coffee.
  3. It¬†was MLK day and Sean and Katie were home to spend the day with me. And that we could sleep in and go to the Grizzlies game. (and bonus…they won)
  4. Katie hugging me tighter than usual (physical touch isn’t her thing) and making me laugh when I didn’t let go and she said “don’t over do it” with a smile in her voice.
  5. A text from my Dad telling me it was 10 degrees in Pittsburgh today just like it was the day I was born.
  6. Calls, texts and facebook posts from near and far, new and old, friends and family. (Oh how I love words…any kind really) … And I got a video singing text from the Angel Street choir girls. That was a first!
  7. Sean and Katie agreeing to any photos I wanted… even of my hot pretzel! I love those things! We used to get them at snack time in elementary school for 25cents. And in college from the “trucks”. ¬† And driving down to the river before dinner so I could take some pics. Oh and me taking pics of the food and drinks at Flight restaurant. Everything comes in sample sizes of 3. How cute is that? Even a “flight” of sprite! Oh and the delicious “flight” of 3 desserts with candles in it!!
  8. A memory my Mom shared about her¬†beloved Aunt De, (who was a nun and teacher and took care of babies) telling her that she was passing on the caring of babies to my Mom when my Mom first became a Grandmother. I am not a grandmother and don’t intend to be one anytime soon but I have recently embraced this stage in womanhood where I feel called to love on¬†young Moms and their babies.
  9. I wasn’t sad that Jack wasn’t here. I missed him but I am at peace that he is where he is thriving. Sean conferenced him in to the singing this morning.
  10. The diverse city of Memphis where I feel at home now and seeing the sun setting over the Mississippi was a beautiful hug from God.
  11. Medicine for the things that ail me. Currently on Antibiotics for Lyme disease and steroids for a possible neck issue that is causing arm tingling. But I’m really not worried and just grateful for this day the Lord has blessed me with. ¬†(And by the way… it is thanks to the steroids that I am still wide awake at almost midnight.)


I didn’t set out to do a top 10 (good thing cause I just added #11 when I went to take my bedtime drugs) ¬†but that seems like a good place to stop as it is about to be the day after my birthday!

I said I loved words. And recording them. And oh yea…I need a photo or a collage to feel complete!

Goodnight, 49th birthday!


Now it’s the day after my birthday and I just had to post 2 of the cards I received. One made me laugh hard and I thought it was ironic that I was just talking about my Great Aunt the nun.

The second one was from my son and as his “gift” to me, he filled out the love languages quiz! Perfect!! And from the look of the cleaning and cooking Mom in the card, I’m guessing Acts of Service is going to rank highly.



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