Happy Easter


A quick post to wish everyone a Happy Easter. It is different for us this year with Jack being in college. No Easter egg hunting at our house. No family photo. But Easter isn’t about all that anyway. It is about celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

So today, we focus on that fact that He Is Risen!   The Stone has rolled away. We had a wonderful celebration at church today. Our Pastor spoke about it in a new way …  The stone was not removed to let Jesus out…. The Stone was removed to let us in.



Easter Monday update:

A Mom in our Hope Moms of Teens group had her baby on Easter! Congratulations to Carey and Nathan and big brothers Christian and Max on the precious addition to your family, Maverick Dean. I had the pleasure of spending some time with this family at the hospital. Watching the older boys be so tender filled my heart.

And of course I am delighted that Maverick is going to come to our MOTs class with his Mama. I promise he won’t be a distraction 😉   Or at least not a bad distraction.


Another update (cause I got the photo on Easter Monday): Jack spent his Easter weekend in Virginia Beach with his fraternity brothers. They travelled for their spring formal.




I did get some egg hunting photos, but they were of a friend’s grandchildren! So cute!


I have had some other new photo opportunities. Last weekend, I covered a couples’ wedding shower for some friends from church. So fun to celebrate and capture the event.

Version 2

We also had unusual spring break with Jack and Katie having different weeks off.

Jack and Sean had a ski retreat in Colorado.


Katie had a 16th birthday adventure with Grammy and Grandpa Jim in Hawaii!

She flew there and back by herself with no problems. She handled the 4 hours in the Honolulu airport waiting for the Denver flight. Starbucks and napping in the sunshine (with her bags looped around her). And had an amazing adventure.


 I had a stay cation and some quality time with each of my peeps!

Enjoying the beautiful weather of spring.


I bought myself some staycation souvenirs 🙂

An adorable bunny and a bee from my artist friend at What’s Inside Designs.




And our last night, Sean and I went to see Billy Joel in concert. It was awesome. A fun night of singing along with the Piano Man.





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