A letter to Moms of High School Seniors

NOTE: This post has been updated several times as I think of things to add 🙂


Moms of High School Seniors,

It has been a year since I was in your shoes. The year of decisions and “lasts” is so emotional. For the senior and the parents. This year has been a year of transition and adjustment but so much easier on my heart.

I have been praying for each of you. I know that some of you were awaiting the April 1st college deadline. It can be a hard day if your senior gets some “no’s” and it also puts an end to the possible decision procrastination. I have been using these scriptures to pray for your senior. I will add to this post with more encouragement for you as Mamas soon. But today I have it on my heart for your seniors and their decisions and emotions.


You Are Loved.

xo,   Melissa

P.S. I chose the cover photo because 1. bridges symbolize transition. 2. My sonimage is walking ahead on his own which symbolizes that this is our senior’s decision. 3. when faced with big decisions or emotions, I have found that mind clearing, solitary activities are helpful. I generally choose a nap. But my senior liked to swim in the ocean or walk outdoors with music in his headphones.



Actually…here is some encouragement for you…

This book was really good. The except I copied here has some encouraging biblical examples of women that faced change.





——>  here’s another option for deep thoughts …


Oh shoot … Just when I was trying to be funny …. Now I’m feeling emotional looking at these little backsides and thinking of mine being that age … Like yesterday!

Such is the roller coaster ride of Motherhood.  Enjoy the ride. Even when your tummy feels funny with anticipation.  Let go of the bar, raise your hands and … Let your emotions out. 😳😁😜😫😢😭😀🤑😍


Last year this time, I was planning for graduation. Below is a link to what I came up with for an announcement. I had two versions. One that invited people to a BBQ and one for out of town friends.

I do not few announcements as requests for gifts but merely celebrating the student and this rite of passage. People like to celebrate with one another.

Romans 12:15

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

This is how I decided who to send the cards to… I looked at my contacts and my Christmas card list and thought about “who is in the Jack fan club?” I later wished I had thought of a few other people. like his piano teacher, Mrs. Burnside. As for local friends of ours, I used this test “If Jack ran into them at Kroger, would he say hi to them?”  This kept me from just inviting my friends 🙂     Side note: Jack is pretty friendly with adults. If you have a shy child, this test may not work.

A link to Jack’s graduation announcement from Shutterfly


This year in our Hope Moms of Teens group, we had 7 Moms with graduating Seniors.

We planned a special time for them at our end of year luncheon.

Below is the prayer (by Angie Coleman)  and hand-crafted gift (by Tracey Simpson) that we presented to them.


Dear precious father,

I ask that you be with these moms as they enter a new season with their teens. Show your face to them as they let go… Give them the peace that comes from trusting you Lord — our savior and gracious father. How precious these moms are to you and oh how precious these children are too. What a wonderful and amazing God we serve, trust and love completely.
Heavenly father, please be with these graduating seniors as they go where they do not know.

As they seek to grow in knowledge and in their life, we pray that they grow in their faith.

As they set out to conquer the world, we pray that they conquer their fears through trust in you.

As they strive to find their place, we pray that they find YOU.

Please go with them where we cannot, protect them when we cannot, and bring them safely home to us to visit a lot.


The Senior Moms at the Luncheon:



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