Meredith, This brought tears to my eyes. This is so well written and amazing insight into how how God used this situation. And what a lesson on forgiveness. As a friend and prayer partner of your Mom’s, I have prayed for you and your brother since middle school. During your parents divorce, I was quite angry with your Dad. One day at Houston HS I was talking to your Mom in the auditorium. Your Dad had shown up too and your Mom needed to discuss something with him. She asked me and another friend to stand near by as she was nervous. We stood there and prayed behind them. I could sense evil all around him. That sounds weird and I don’t know that I have felt that so acutely before. I just knew there was a spiritual battle going on. And honestly, I confessed to another friend that I had a desire to punch him. Don’t think I have ever punched anyone but I wanted to. My own parents divorced when I was in elementary school and perhaps old wounds were being rubbed. But truly I sensed evil.
Fast forward to a year or so later (I think). I knew y’all had moved and I hadn’t seen your Mom much. I was walking into Costco and I saw you Mom walking in with a man. I sensed love and peace in their body language. I assumed she had a boyfriend and I felt joy in my heart. And then the cart turned and I saw the “boyfriend”. It was your Dad!! I was surprised (and I had zero desire to punch him.:-) ) In fact, I was overwhelmed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know any details. We exchanged quick pleasantries. And I walked with lightness through the store knowing that I had a little glimpse into the spiritual battle that is going on all around us.
Thanks for sharing your part of the story.
Melissa Fagan

Meredith Druelinger

Oh dads! The joy of endless dad jokes and the slight annoyance when they choose to drag them out forever. Classic.

Well I want to take a second and talk about my dad. For those of you who don’t know him-he is the most genuine, down-to-earth, hard-working guy EVER. End of story. He is the greatest Christian influence in my life and let me tell you why…

My sophomore year, my parents went through a horrible divorce. My dad moved out and I almost went a year without speaking to him. I know what you’re thinking… “WOOAAAHHH Meredith, you went from greatest Christian influence to going through tragic divorce.”  You didn’t let me finish. The important details come after the story.

God gave me these circumstances. I begged to not feel pain or even go through this at all. But instead of changing my circumstances, He used them. It turns…

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