Finding water “under the sun”

I have just begun reading the Book of Ecclesiastes along with the “Good Morning Girls” blog.

Before I started, I had no idea what this book of the bible was about. And although I am committed to reading the bible, I must admit that I get intimidated by the Old Testament. And heck…I was even intimidated spelling Ecclesiastes!

But I know that God will you use the bible to teach me. Even through unfamiliar things.

Last week, my friend Beth Reed talked about rest. I thought I would be totally good with this topic because I love to rest!!  NAPS are one of my specialties!!  But I got a new perspective on REST and what these verses mean….

““Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.””

Matthew 11:28-30

God wants us to come to Him by reading His Word, the Bible, and he will refresh us with the Living Water.

He will carry our burden.

We may not get physical rest in that moment (or that season) but we can rest our minds and souls !!!

So back to the Old Testament I go…to be refreshed

Another friend of mine, Amy Hale, posted this to Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.47.29 PM

Now I was totally “IN” and getting excited because the current state of our world seems truly confusing and frustrating.

This week we started in the first chapter {you may be thinking: duh!  but last week we did a bit of history digging into the author, Solomon}  Here is a recap that I LOVE from  (You can even color the page yourself 🙂


This was the discussion question I was left to ponder as closed my bible this morning.


I spent the day with a “Moms of Teens” and fellow Navy Wife friend, Jennifer. This funny, humble, brave woman is currently going through chemo for breast cancer.  We went to the West clinic today to get her some IV fluids because of her low BP.

I believe we both had a good perspective. In this environment, where so many people are faced with a potentially deadly disease, and are enduring painful and tedious treatments, it seems imperative to have hope of the things “above the sun”.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.28.02 AM

Jennifer and I discussed her current medical updates (like a shrinking tumor) and her treatment side effects (you can’t miss her newly bald head). We also chatted about our families. It wasn’t a talk about heavenly things but with a confidence in our heavenly Father and our minds aware of Him.

{ #aimup and arrow symbols are reminders to me of where to set my mind. It was a theme from a retreat several years ago and themes, symbols, artwork, even jewelry and clothes, etc.  help my brain to be saturated … this one is now ingrained in me!  } 

We waited much longer than last time for her to be called back to the nurses area. We considered coloring, (I brought my pencils and sheets) but it wasn’t sounding good to Jen today.   My sweet, brave friend was tired. But at the same time radiating a peace and a sense of gratitude. I have been recording video blogs and pasting them in our Facebook group this year. {my teen daughter informed me that that is called Vlogging. And honestly, it is easier for me to talk than to type!!} And we talked about recording a Vlog for Jennifer to share her thanks to the Moms of Teens group for their support, prayers and meals. She truly has a heart of gratitude.
We took a walk out on the garden terrace for a change of scenery  {Jen brought her pager with her… they have really cool pagers that light up and tell you where to go when they are ready for you.}  It was a HOT, sunny day and the terrace was deserted except for the wilted flowers. Jennifer recognized their weary state and said they needed water. I looked around behind the planters and found a hose. Jen was tired but perked up when I handed her the nozzle.

She watered the parched land.

And we recorded her gratitude Vlog.

It reminded me:

We have access to the Living Water.

He will quench our thirst in the dry and hot land of temporary things under the sun.





2 thoughts on “Finding water “under the sun”

  1. I find myself missing my sweet Jennifer and her beautiful heart so much today. Minnesota and our family were blessed to share precious time with the Gundersons while they were here. All of my love and prayers for Jen, Dave and the boys. So touched to read these beautiful words tonight and finding comfort that you are there for Jen while she fights this battle. 🙏😇⬆️


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