Tuning In:  Listening to God Through Open and Closed Doors

I loved the Heart 2 Heart that Jill and Terrian shared with the women of hope last week. I have been a small part in their story and have loved seeing the growth and change AND honesty in their journeys. (And taking photos along the way).

[ M O M S at H O P E ]

(Written by Rachel Pickel)

We’ve all heard the phrase “when one door closes, another one opens.”  Or here’s a good one… “when God closes a door, He opens a window.”  (As if we’re supposed to jump through or just let in some fresh air … I really don’t get that one, but that’s just me!)

It’s easy to use a door as a metaphor for opportunity.

We tend to view success as an open door to walk through and failure as a door closed in front of us.  It seems pretty simple – an open or shut case, if you will. But it’s our humanity, our selfishness, our unwillingness to listen to God’s will which makes this all so complicated … The finding of doors, knowing which ones to open, which to walk through and the act of gracefully accepting when one has been closed.

The most recent Heart 2 Heart featured Terrian Bass and Jill…

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Tuning In: 3 Signs of Spiritual Dehydration

Boy have I been thirsty lately. How about you?

[ M O M S at H O P E ]

(written by Emily Matthews)

It is so hot outside this time of year. We tend to know it’s important to drink lots of water and to stay hydrated because of the temperatures. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

As a runner and a nurse, I know I have to drink a lot of water. Personally, I shoot for 100 ounces of water daily (not including coffee or an evening beverage 😉). That’s a lot and I have to pay attention throughout the day to keep up. We need water all day for our bodies to function properly. When we don’t have it, all kind of unpleasant things result — headaches, hunger, sluggishness. (Don’t worry, I won’t go anymore Nurse on you than that.)  I am ashamed to say that for most of my 20s my fluid intake was almost entirely Diet Coke. Not…

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