5 Minute Way to Start to My Day: 6 month anniversary (repost with notepad options)

The 5 minute way to start my day has become a daily habit for me. 6 months strong! And for several others as well. Tracey Simpson posted on Instagram yesterday about it and I have had several requests to purchase the notepads I created. I am not running this as a business but I would love to send out this resource to people. I personally love the notepads and the simplicity of the smaller space. (with a journal, I would not finish in 5 minutes!) SO… I am reposting the blog post from Moms at Hope and providing my email address. If you would like to order a 5×7 notepad with the sheet printed on each page, email me at fourfagans@yahoo.com and we can work out payment and delivery.


Tracey posted a photo of the spiral bound notebook. I can also order those but FYI the 5 minute format is only on the cover. It is a blank notebook inside.




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[ M O M S at H O P E ]

(written by Melissa Fagan)

I have been a Mom for a little over 20 years. Parenting and my journey as a Navy wife (and I guess as a woman, in general) has been marked with times of poor stress management and sometimes full-blown anxiety. I am currently in a good season and I am managing my stress well. God has used these uncomfortable and sometimes downright sick times to mold me. To desperately seek comfort from Him and admit my need to others.

I think I could write a 10 part series on all the ways He has molded me in this particular area. And the setting of the first chapter is taboo in some circles – the potty. But we are Moms and “potty talk” is part of the conversation when you have small kids, right? My most visible sign of unmanaged stress is an irritable bowel. And when I…

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