First Week Back

Moms of Elementary age kiddos… you will want to follow this blog. Jennifer was Katie’s 2nd grade teacher. She is now a librarian at our beloved elementary school. She reviews books and shared great insight. Check it out…

Book Jabber


As the first day of school crept closer and closer, I began to have second thoughts.Can I really commit to book-talking every day for 180 days? How will I find time in my schedule? Will teachers welcome me into their classrooms?

Yes. Yes I can. One hundred and eighty book talks is a lot. But it’s not impossible.

Just like learning to ride a bike, after I started talking about my first book, it came right back to me. Monday was a good day to start with Real Friendsby Shannon Hale.

Real Friends

In fact, I didn’t even wait until the first day of school to talk about this one. It is that good. I told every 4th and 5th grader about the book while looking up bus numbers during registration.

I was never popular in school. I always felt like I was on the outside looking in. I…

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