Writing 101: Day 1 Unlock the Mind

And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

So here it is:

Free write for twenty minutes! I have procrastinated all day about this assignment. Strange because I like to free talk and try to keep that from happening too much so this should be easy, right? But who wants to hear me ramble? Is it about who wants to hear me?

The first thing that came to mind when I was told to follow stream of consciousness, is my Mum and James Joyce. At dinner last night Jack asked who our favorite authors were…. he needed to finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird for English and we had commented on what a good book it is and Katie even chimed in with some great insight from writing a paper on it earlier this year. ….writing interrupted by phone call from hubby… I’m guessing writers don’t answer their phones. Back to my stream…. Jack pulled out his handy internet device, at the Easter dinner table to read the best books of all time-type lists. Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man was listed.  James Joyce! And I admitted to writing a paper on that book for my summer study abroad class in Irish Literature but I don’t remember ACTUALLY reading the book. Sean clarified that really means I didn’t read it. Okay, I guess I didn’t.  I cheated! And I denied it for all these years. It felt good to admit it. especially because I am judgmental towards others who do this. Not that I think cheating is a good plan but realizing my mistakes, coming clean on lies is freedom. And an example to my kids that I am not perfect. Not a hero. Just an imperfect human trying to grow and learn and have compassion.

And I believe that is the goal of my blogging and my leadership. To be authentic.

Here’s another authentic truth: I don’t type very well. I usually blame it on thinking as I write but with this challenge it is more noticeable. And I view it as a weakness. ohhh… that word, weakness, stopped me in my slow typing tracks. I am waiting for the timer to go off. to be done.

It is still going…..so are these excuses? probably? I feel God calling on my heart to write even in my fear of not being good enough.

There goes the timer! Confession time over. Do I get to go back and fix the red underline words??